Greenfield considers strategy for Mount Carmel site's redevelopment

Feb. 12, 2014

Greenfield — A public hearing on changing the city's land-use plan to encourage redevelopment of the 25 acres occupied mainly by the Mount Carmel nursing home received Greenfield Plan Commission approval Tuesday.

With Mount Carmel closing down, Greenfield officials want to give the most leeway possible to potential developers by designating the entire area for "planned mixed use," the broadest development category available. The public hearing will likely take place in May, giving all parties involved time to consider the proposed change.

Four of the 25 acres are already planned mixed use, but the rest of the Mount Carmel holdings at 5700 W. Layton Ave., are designated for a community facility. Another two acres, formerly used by the May Nursery Co., is currently designed for "planned business" but would be reclassified as well.

The zoning itself will likely be changed once a development comes forward, officials explained.

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