Greenfield decides against parking ban near mailboxes

March 4, 2014

Greenfield — The sporadic problems of residents not getting their mail when cars park in front of mailboxes could be fixed in a way that doesn't involve a parking ban, one Greenfield panel has decided.

The potential outright ban had too many down sides, Greenfield Board of Public Works members said last week.

Because they are not supposed to leave their delivery vans, mail carriers don't deliver mail to those boxes blocked by vehicles.

Alderwoman Linda Lubotsky said one couple has often chased the mail carrier to get their mail. Still, she noted, a solution in that case was easily reached.

"We worked with the post office to relocate the mailbox so the people will get mail," she said.

Although parking ban seems to be a reasonable fix, the Police Department cautioned that a lot of people would likely get tickets for parking in front of their own mailboxes. Another problem in some neighborhoods is that parking is tight anyway, and a ban would make the problem worse.

"A ban was not recommended by staff or the Police Department," said Richard Sokol, director of neighborhood services.

— Jane Ford-Stewart

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