General election voters guide for Greenfield School Board

March 18, 2014

Editor's Note: Candidates were asked to limit responses to 100 words.


Age: 46

Address: 4120 W. Upham Ave.

Years in district: 36

Employer/occupation: AT&T, senior network manager – information technology

Education: bachelor of science in electrical engineering and computer science, Milwaukee School of Engineering, 1990.

Political history: first try for public office

Community involvement: Elm Dale Elementary School PTO co-president; Greenfield Girls Youth Basketball coach; Greenfield High School Booster Club co-treasurer

Family: wife, Nancy; daughters Emma and Maddie


What is the biggest challenge facing the Greenfield schools and how would you address it?

Balancing the fiscal well-being of the district while maintaining and improving the performance of our students and our schools. As a homeowner I am aware of the effects that policy decisions at the local and state level have on taxes. I am also a longtime advocate for public education and recognize its benefits. I will encourage residents of the district to understand where and why their tax dollars are spent. I will encourage the district to investigate the possibilities for technology to improve instructional outcomes while using professional educators to manage an inclusive learning environment.

What are the best reasons for people to vote for you?

I am committed to the education and well-being of our children, to the joint success of our schools and our community, and to the mission and success of public education. I recognize the responsibility of the School Board to work with the district administration and taxpayers to ensure that the financial resources committed to education are spent in a responsible manner that increases student performance and maintains public trust in our schools. I will work hard to ensure that the board continues to respectfully address the concerns of its constituencies.


Age: 18

Address: 4401 W. Cold Spring Road

Years in district: about 10

Employer/occupation: full-time high school student

Education: Greenfield High School student scheduled to graduate in June 2014; college acceptance and admissions notifications are pending

Political history: first try for public office

Community involvement: National Honor Society involvement, various volunteer opportunities throughout the year

Family: single; two sisters, ages 16 and 23

Contact: (414) 367-4766;

What is the biggest challenge facing the Greenfield schools and how would you address it?

Fiscal issues—without a doubt. I believe we need to create an "all hands on deck" approach and focus on gaining more community involvement and input, along with reducing wasteful spending. When we work together, there isn't a single thing that can't be accomplished. It's important to strive to get Greenfield to race to the top academically. By pushing for greater academic achievement, we can keep taxes low — all while delivering high-quality education. Parental involvement is crucial for the success of our students, and I hope Greenfield residents will give me the honor of representing them on the School Board.

What are the best reasons for people to vote for you?

I would like people to vote for me because I will work consistently to ensure that each and every student has the ability to strive for excellence in a safe and secure learning environment. It's vital to have a strong partnership between taxpayers, students, parents, and teachers — and that's what I hope to encourage as a School Board member. In addition to this, I realize that education is crucial to economic stability and prosperity of our community and our state. If elected, I'll work to keep taxes low and always give our taxpayers the best value for a high-quality education.


Age: 58

Address: 7935 W. Cold Spring Road

Years in district: 53

Employer/occupation: office manager at Quality Coatings Inc./Adelhelm Lubricoat

Education: graduate of Whitnall High School; lifelong learner through participation in specialized training program

Political history: Greenfield School Board; president of the Greenfield Education Foundation

Community involvement: group leader for school remodeling/building referendum; Greenfield Little League girls softball coach; participant in Clean-Up Greenfield; Friends of the Parks Mini Golf Tournament

Family: two daughters, Amanda, 26, and Kendell, 24

Contact: (414) 379-4687

What is the biggest challenge facing the Greenfield schools and how would you address it?

The challenge of preparing our students for post high school careers or educational opportunities should always be the main focus of our district. This could involve developing more individualized teaching plans or other new ways to deliver the material to prepare students for their technologically based future. We achieve this by continuing to offer professional learning opportunities for our teachers, utilizing new technology in the classroom and supporting our pro-active administrators as they develop the plan to achieve this goal responsibly with our tax dollars.

What are the best reasons for people to vote for you?

As an experienced board member, I have valuable insight regarding what programs or ideas were successful for us in the past or those that were unsuccessful or outdated. The application of this knowledge in making decisions in the boardroom today inspires two-way dialogue, saves time and tax dollars for our citizens. When engaged in the decision process, I keep an open mind and weigh the impact of the decision on how it will positively affect our students, employees and taxpayers. I am committed to advocating for public education with lawmakers, while serving students, staff and community members responsibly.

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