Greenfield tries to avoid a sign of things to come

Jan. 18, 2012

With the approval of one flashing sign, Greenfield leaders hope they aren't opening the city up to TV-like advertising signs along its thoroughfares.

The sign OK'd by the Common Council on Tuesday night was for the city's own Greenfield Community Center, 7215 W. Cold Spring Road.

Advertising would be sold on the sign, placed in front of the building. The city would collect an estimated $12,000 per year from the company that would be in charge of the sign. That money would help support the community center.

The council's approval was significant because for the first time businesses will be able to advertise on a sign on someone else's property elsewhere in the city. To try to avoid a proliferation of signs and off-site advertising, the council decided to limit those types of signs to public property associated with public buildings.

But that still leaves the door open to Milwaukee County and the two school districts in the city to erect similar signs, said Karl Kastner, Common Council president, who cast the only "no" vote. Milwaukee County, which is desperate for revenue, alone could conceivably have its signs on Root River Parkway, Cold Spring Road, Highway 100, Beloit Road and 92nd Street and Forest Home Avenue, he noted.

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