Greenfield, Whitnall do well on DPI report cards

Oct. 30, 2012

Greenfield - All schools in both the Greenfield and Whitnall school districts either meet or exceed expectations on the preliminary school report cards the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction released last week.

The report cards are designed to measure the schools' effectiveness in making sure all students are proficient or advanced in reading and math. It also seeks to determine if there are achievement gaps with some groups of children falling behind their peers and to make sure children are on track to graduate.

Of Greenfield's six schools, two exceed expectations. A score of at least 63 means a school meets expectations, 73 is exceeding expectations and 83 to 100 is significantly exceeding expectations.

Of Whitnall's four schools, all but the High School exceeded expectations. But Whitnall High missed by only 0.2 of a point, with a score of 72.8.

Greenfield Superintendent Conrad Farner could not be reached for comment, but in a statement on the district website, Assistant Superintendent Todd Bugnacki wrote: "The report cards will be extremely useful in further determining where our strengths and challenges are at the school, classroom and administrative levels."

The report cards also will be used to help develop individual school improvement plans, curriculum and staff in-service days, he wrote.

The score that kept Greenfield High School from exceeding expectations was its achievement score that at 59.6 was significantly lower than the statewide average of 66.5. Greenfield Middle School also lagged behind the statewide middle school achievement average of 66.4 with a local score of 61.5.

Greenfield's two elementary schools that exceeded expectations, Elm Dale and Maple Grove, both had achievement above the statewide average.

In the Whitnall District, all schools exceeded the state averages in every category except one. That was in closing the gaps at Hales Corners Elementary School. The school had a score of 57.4 which is significantly below the state average of 65.7.

Whitnall Superintendent Lowell Holtz said that the preliminary report cards show Whitnall is strong in the two areas it holds as priorities - college readiness and academic achievement.

In general Holtz said he is happy with the report cards and the drive for higher standards behind them.

"We're happy the state is raising the bar so our kids can be more competitive on a national level," Holtz said.

- Jane Ford-Stewart


The preliminary report cards released last week by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction give each school an accountability score. That overall score is the sum of the three-year average on the Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Exam in terms of student achievement in reading and math, academic growth and how well all students are keeping up in reading and math. There also are measures for how well students are kept on track for graduation. Schools are docked for poor attendance or dropouts.

The accountability scores are:


High School: 69, meets

Middle School: 67.2, meets

Maple Grove: 74.4, exceeds

Elm Dale Elementary: 74.2, exceeds

Edgewood Elementary: 70, meets

Glenwood Elementary: 67.3, meets


High School: 72.8, meets

Middle School: 74.4, exceeds

Edgerton Elementary: 81.6, exceeds

Hales Corners Elementary: 73.1, exceeds

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