Greenfield's city primary favors School Board head

Bailey, the top vote-getter, and Pietrowski advance to April ballot

Feb. 18, 2014

Greenfield — With a slim 7.1 percent voter turnout, Bruce Bailey took a resounding lead over Greenfield Aldermanic District 2 incumbent Tom Pietrowski in Tuesday's primary election.

The unofficial vote total was 136 for Bailey and 95 for the four-term alderman. Eliminated in the balloting was former alderman Jim Palmar, who received 75 votes, according to the unofficial returns.

"I'm real pleased," Bailey said on election night. "The work is just beginning, though."

Despite his primary lead, Bailey said he still feels like the underdog.

It's tough to go up against a four-term incumbent, he said. Bailey decided not to run for re-election to the Greenfield School Board, on which he serves as president, in favor of running for alderman.

Regardless, Bailey said the key to his primary win was the record he established on the School Board and the Park and Recreation Board.

"My votes show I'm looking out for the taxpayer," he said. "All Greenfield people want to know is that they are getting the most for their tax dollars."

Pietrowski also campaigned on his record, which seemed to resonate well with the voters he contacted, he said.

But with so few people voting, it's hard to tell what voter sentiment really is, Pietrowski said.

"A lot of people weren't aware there was an election," he said.

A more representative vote should come in the April 1 election, Pietrowski said and he is ready for it.

"On to the general election," he said, adding that his campaign might be tweaked a bit and his message honed.

Bailey said he will keep working hard to get his message out.

They doubted that either one would get all the support that went to Palmar in the primary election.

"Those votes will probably be split somehow," Pietrowski said.

Bailey said he felt he would gain some votes in the general election among Palmar supporters because of their apparent desire for change.

In fact, in a written statement, Palmar threw his support behind Bailey. Palmar's statement also said: "We tried to fire one across the bow, but it somehow didn't hit its target."

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