'Never Ending' sale helps library

Published on: 8/6/2013

Greenfield — The Never Ending Book Sale that took the place of the Greenfield Library's annual one-day book sale is proving to be a successful experiment so far, said Sheila O'Brien, library director.

'It's going very, very well,' O'Brien said. 'We're selling $50 to $100 worth almost every week.'

The new sale format, which began in May, is on track to exceed the $1,000 to $1,500 the library got from its annual sale, she said.

'People love to be able to shop for used books,' she said.

The library makes sure the sale shelves are well-stocked, including new donations that have remained in plentiful supply.

Sale proceeds go to the Greenfield Public Library Foundation, which helps the library buy new books and videos and present children's programs and the summer reading program.

The Never Ending Book Sale also is easier to put on than the giant effort needed for the one-day book sale, O'Brien said. This way, the work is spread throughout the year and the library staff can handle it unassisted.

'This year we decided to try something different because we had so many things left over (from the one-day sale),' O'Brien said, noting that the library has a 'cannot accept' donation list that includes items that 'don't do well at our library.'

Jane Ford-Stewart


The Greenfield Library welcomes donations of:

· Fiction, nonfiction and children's books (published within the last 10 years)

· CD ROM games

· DVDs

· Music CDs

· Audio books on CD

· Travel books (published within last five years)

· Children's games (complete and in good condition)

The Library cannot accept:

· VHS tapes

· Audio cassette tapes

· Magazines

· Harlequin Romance-type novels

· Encyclopedias

· Textbooks

· Travel guides older than five years

· Catalogs

· Reader's Digest Condensed Books

· Directories or telephone books

· LP records

Donated materials must be in good condition. It cannot accept materials that have mildew or mold, a smoky

or musty smell, or are otherwise in poor condition. Donated items will be added to the library collection or

sold at the Never Ending Book Sale.