Victim of stolen purse cited for marijuana possession

Published on: 2/13/2012

A stolen purse resulted in not only trouble for the alleged thieves, but for the bag's owner, as well.

A woman reported her purse was taken the afternoon of Feb. 11 while she was at a laundromat at 5627 W. National Ave.

Acting quickly on the information, West Allis police located the purse and arrested two suspects, a man and a women, later that afternoon in the 1500 block of South 57th Street.

But when police looked inside the purse, they found four small bags of marijuana reportedly belonging to the woman who owns the purse. As a result, she was arrested for the possession of a controlled substance.

Police reported having a little more trouble with the alleged thieves following their arrest. According to police, on the way to the station, the man kicked in the door of the officers squad car. He was cited for obstructing police and resisting arrest in addition to the theft allegation.