Residents OK Greenfield schools' small levy hike

Sept. 11, 2012

After a public hearing at which no one spoke, the 28 residents at the Greenfield School District annual meeting Monday night unanimously approved a $25 million property tax levy for the 2012-'13 school year.

That levy, up 0.26% from the previous year, will support a nearly $45.6 million budget that's 0.02% lower than 2011-'12 budget. The general fund, basically the operating budget, is less than 0.1% higher than last year.

School officials warned that the news may not be entirely good for taxpayers if assessed values fall. If assessed property values remain stable, school taxes will go up only 0.26%, said Kristen Kollath, director of business services. But if assessed values should fall by 3%, for example, school taxes would go up 3.36%, she said.

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