West Allis considers banning new liquor stores downtown

May 8, 2014

West Allis would like to get rid of liquor stores in its downtown but a proposal to prevent them from moving in stopped short Tuesday.

City officials don't want to stop businesses from locating downtown because they want to sell liquor on the side.

The Common Council Safety and Development Committee decided it needed more information after the question of whether a desirable business such as the West Allis Cheese and Sausage Shoppe that also sells wine would be prevented from moving into downtown by the proposed zoning change.

The reason for proposing a ban on downtown liquor stores, which was specified as Greenfield Avenue between 70th and 76th streets, is not the stores themselves but their patrons, said Ald. Marty Weigel, who proposed the ban.

Even at well-run liquor stores, customers buy single bottles of liquor and consume them in public, which is not allowed, Weigel said. With the city trying to upgrade downtown, Weigel said, "We're trying to reach, not settle."

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